Monday, December 9, 2013

Mele Kalikimaka

The Christmas spirit is definitely here even though it is the middle of Summer. It's so odd because they have the same decorations we have, which look so out of place in the warm. LIke icicle lights, which they call fairy lights because obviously none of them have a clue what an icicle is haha unless they've come from England or something. But they also have blow up snowmen in their yards and reindeer and stuff and it's just so funny to me. All of us missionaries here in Toowoomba went down to the center of town on Thursday night because they had this festival type thing where a bunch of choirs sang carols and they had cotton candy (which they call fairy floss) and popcorn and face painting. Then they lit up the big Christmas tree in the center of town and the lights on Town Hall and had santa come down the main street (in a sleigh haha it makes no sense) Anyways the eight of us went around passing out Joy To The World DVD pass along cards and inviting everyone to hear a message about the true spirit of Christmas. It was so much fun! My companion and I were able to talk to well over 200 people and the others were about the same so in all we were able to contact like over 1000 people in one night. Hopefully we will see some church head quarters referrals come from it when they call the number to request the free DVD. It was just good to be out in the community though and people were able to recognize us as the missionaries and know that we were out there standing for Christ this Christmas season. 
We have been out trying our best to find new people to teach and it's been awesome to see that we are being led to people. This week we were able to teach two different African families. One from Sudan and one from Uganda. It was pretty great because in both cases the families had met with missionaries before and they let us right into their homes. The only problem is the Sudanese family left the next day to go back to Africa for the holidays and the other family leaves at the end of this week to go into Brisbane and stay with family for the holidays. So hopefully once they are back we will be able to follow up and go from there. The family from Uganda is a bit of a miracle though because we found out that the 14 year old (who's name happens to be Jackline BONUS) was staying with family in Brisbane last christmas holidays and the sister missionaries had been teaching her family she was staying with but struggling because of language, but when she came she was able to translate for them and the whole family ended up getting baptized. We called the sisters that had been teaching them (sister Russel and sister Mafi both sisters that I've served in four-ways with) and they said she had wanted to be baptized but that she went home to Toowoomba before they could make arrangements. And then we found her again this week! So we are excited for that. Although their family is pretty active in their Lutheran church we have faith that the Lord will provide a way for them to see the importance of the restoration and finding the true Church. So anyways things are looking up here I'd say! 
Hope everyone is really feelin the love this Christmas! 
Much Aloha,

Sister Rasmussen

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