Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey Everyone!
So last week was so pretty! until Saturday and then it got super cold again. We are calling it 5th winter, kind of like 2nd breakfast except I don't like it at all. This week was super fun because we did a ton of service this week. My comp sis Nuttall loves service and like manual labor type stuff because she is like a farmer so she was really wanting to do more and we were like praying and searching for opportunities and they sure came! Since a ton of people here go to MSU a lot of people were moving last week after finals. So on Tuesday we split up so sister Smith could have leadership training and we both went to different members house to help move them. The members house I went to was super interesting. The mom like is a dealer/buyer of exotic spiders and tarantulas. They have like hundreds. So obviously that creeped me out a lot. They also have a pet booa contrictor which they let me hold and a turtle and a bird. The snake was awesome. We also helped at a family history seminar all week which was a big job, because it was like the whole state. I don't have a lot more time but this week was fun!
I'll send pics next week I have a lot of good ones.
Love you all!
Sister Rasmussen

Thanks to all of my wonderful friends who sent me emails this week.  I was really pressed for time today but I will get back to you.  Thanks so much for all of your love and support!!!

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