Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still in Michigan!!!

Hey everyone!
So this is the last week of this transfer, and I'm still in Michigan. I love it here though so I'm happy to be here. I just hope that president doesn't switch things up and move me anywhere or move my companions anywhere at the end of this week. We'll find out Friday! 
Anyways this week has been fun. We had half-mission p-day on tuesday so we went to a park and played games with half the mission in the town called Mt. Pleasant, MI. Question of the day: where is the mount part of mount pleasant? Everything is flat here so that was super confusing. But it was beautiful and fun. They had sand volleyball courts and I almost shed a tear when my feet felt the sand I missed the feeling so much, so I spent all day over there and built sand castles and stuff, it was great. I would send pictures but we are not at the library we are at the church because of memorial day so I will have to send those next week. We have been finding and teaching a ton of really cool new awesome people this week. One math professor/reasearcher from MSU who is so smart! and also a really awesome woman named angie who does hair and reminds me so much of aunt wendy! (so obviously she's awesome) and also we started teaching this family from Tanzania who are so cool. We had to order a Book of Mormon for them in Swahili which was super exciting because the grandma doesn't speak english. We also have a less active family from Sudan we have been working with so we want them to meet each other really bad. Yay Africa! Things are going really well here. I hope everyone's memorial day is great! Go swimming/surfing for me! There are lakes everywhere here just taunting me..although that water would be way to cold for me to ever want to swim. It will be a different story once I get to Australia. 
Funny story for this week: we had a conversation about the gospel with a man for like 10 minutes entirely through his door because he wouldn't open it. So we were just yelling back and forth, and he was really sassy and sarcastic but the funniest part was when we somehow were talking about how God knows all languages and they all came from him and he goes "YOLO?! you're telling me God created YOLO??" Yessir he did...

Anyways I love you all and love hearing from you! 


Sister Rasmussen

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