Monday, June 24, 2013

"This Week was Awesome..."

Hey everyone! 
So this last week was pretty awesome. Sister Vaipulu and I are so busy everyday and we are teaching a lot of really really awesome people. We were planning for the week and writing out everyone we are teaching and different missionary things on a big whiteboard I bought and we just got so overwhelmed by the amount of people Heavenly Father is trusting us with right now. It's a lot of pressure!! It freaks me out sometimes because this work is so important and what we have to show these people will literally change the rest of their lives even if they don't realize it yet. That's just a lot of responsibility and for whatever reason Heavenly Father must trust us a lot because we have heaps of people to teach right now and they are all really solid. Everyday we are just going from appointment to appointment to appointment. It's crazy! I love it, but sometimes I feel super inadequate for the job. Like how can I possibly help all these people? and know the right things to say to them? but then I just have to remember that the good thing about this work is that it's not mine, but it's the Lord's work and he is directing it and helping me. He wouldn't set us up for failure and he wouldn't lead all of these wonderful people into our path if we weren't going to be able to help them. So we just have to trust him and let him guide us. It's hard but it's so good and I really can see how the Lord has totally been directing the work for us, even when we think we are in control, we aren't. 
This week was way busy even though I just wrote on Wednesday when we went to the temple so much other stuff has happened! Over the weekend we got to go into the city again for BYU-Hawaii's Choir concert performance at City Hall. We got to help be the ushers for the performance. It was so much fun!! So many of my friends were there! It was so good to see all of them and catch up a little bit. It was really fun taking the train into the city again as well because the Rugby League game was that night so the train station was super full of Wallaby fans and England Lion fans and the square in the center of the city where City Hall is was packed full of people and fans walking everywhere. Brisbane is such a beautiful city! and taking the train is so much fun! We felt like classy people walking through town in our dresses to the concert at night it was awesome. It was definitely one of the most fun nights of my mission so far. Then Sunday I saw a real life Koala! It was just a cute little guy sitting on the ground and then he ran over to a tree and climbed up! It made my life! I want to hug one so bad! Then later that day we kept seeing giant spiders everywhere. We saw one in front of this house that freaked me out so bad! The web was giant and sister vaipulu threw a stick at it and it was so thick and strong that it hed the stick no problem and didn't break at all. I almost cried. Then at the next house there was another one, slightly less big, but I was so scared to go to the door past it and we were standing in the yard staring at it when a stupid bird came flying out of the tree and scared us so bad we both screamed bloody murder and ran out of the yard hahaha so then we decided to go to a different street after that. 
This next week should be really awesome as well and I can't believe I'm already more than half way done with my first transfer here in Aussie. We get the new mission president after this week, so I'm pretty excited for that. Also I am 97% sure I'm staying in this area so just write to  my flat. I haven't gotten any mail since I've been in Australia *hint hint* *wink wink*. 
Love you all! 

Sister Rasmussen

 Little Parrots everywhere!
 City Hall/Brisbane
BYU-H Friend

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