Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September!

Hello everyone! 
Well another week gone by here in the land down under. It's funny I actually have heard that song a lot since I've been here I guess it's like their claim to fame. The ward members have all been taking it upon themselves lately to teach me Australian things, like that pudding is not the kind of pudding we have but something that kind of looks like cake, but is floating on top of this boiling hot sauce stuff. It's really yummy and they pour custard on top,( which is what I would have called pudding in the first place).  It's all very confusing, but the end result is delicious. 
So I guess school has started now for everyone back home. How is it going? I'm losing all sense of time over here since we pretty much do the same things everyday and I am in this same area day in and day out. I would be getting a bit crazy except that we are so busy every day! It's wonderful really the amount of people we find to teach out here, and everyone is always really shocked but I think what this area needed all along was some sisters ;) The ward had a fundraising activity for this big youth conference they are having here in brisbane next year, kind of like EFY I think, and so they set up a tent at this sporting goods store and had a "Sausage sizzle". We went to help out because it was a good opportunity to serve the ward and also interact with heaps of nonmombers, so sister Tai and I get stuck on the grill cooking sausages. They don't have hot dogs here, they call them sausages and they are different looking and also they don't eat them inside hot dog buns they just put them on one slice of white bread and fold it over. It's so weird! Also they don't have normal ketchup mustard and relish; it's tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, and sweet chili sauce. But it was a big hit and they made a lot of money for the youth. and we had a lot of fun selling them and cooking them with our bishop. 
Have I ever written and talked about the chocolate here?? well in case I haven't they have so much chocolate here! And it's all cadburry brand which is sooooo good. But they sell them in these huge blocks and they put the weirdest things in their chocolate. LIke pop rocks and jelly beans. There is a white chocolate bar that is flavored with L&P, which is a lemon flavored soda, so it's lemon and poprocks in the chocoalte and it tastes like lemon cake batter kind of with poprocks thrown in there. It's pretty good actually. I have to hold myself back from trying ever kind of chocolate i can get my hands on because there are so many different kinds I've never tried here and they are all so good! Except turkish delight, which was nasty. 
As far as missioanry work, things are looking good for this transfer. Sister walter and I found a new family that have so much potential it's amazing! They don't speak the best English but we took the mom on a church tour and you don't need language to feel the spirit so it was really good! The mom asked us when could she do the thing with the water? hahaha I about died of joy. So I'll keep you all posted on how that goes but things are looking up! and I'm excited to be here and be doing the Lord's work and be part of the big wave that is spreading over the world. 
Ofa Atu,

Sister Rasmussen

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