Wednesday, September 24, 2014

 P-day with my district singing Happy Birthday to Pres. Hendersen.

 Ian's baptism

Last day on the ferry going to the temple!


I feel like I don't have a whole lot to report on this week. I was away from my area for like 4 days helping some of the sisters in our region sort out their lives. It definitely trips me out a bit when things like that happen and I realize that I'm the one they turn to to get help and counsel from...when did that happen? last time I checked I was the one that needed the help... it's weird to see other missionaries sort of look up to you in a way. I know I'm about to go home but in so many ways everyday I still feel brand new. It's humbling though, especially as my companion and I went to the Lord a lot in prayer asking for his direction in knowing how to help the sisters because we had absolutely no clue what to do. But we came together and petitioned the Lord, and then slept on it, pondered, and studied a bit and the impressions came.  I know we didn't do it perfectly but when we followed promptings from the Spirit we were truly able to bring the Spirit in to help the missionaries the same as we do when we help those we teach. I also really learned the value of having a companion. Because we were away from each other on an exchange when a lot of the problems began, I felt like I was so lost trying to make decisions, and give counsel on my own. I had to keep telling the sisters I'm sorry I just need to wait until I can discuss this with my companion. It's really great when you have a companion that you are equally yoked with, and especially good when you are great friends and can laugh your way through the ridiculousness of missionary life. It was pretty stressful but we got through it and then we had zone conference on Monday and went to the temple today. It's my last time going to the temple as a "normal" missionary before we go on our last day with President and Sister Henderson. It's a bit surreal. Hasn't yet hit me that things are really coming to an end. Anyways here are some pictures I've been meaning to send. 

Much love, Sister Rasmussen

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