Monday, September 15, 2014

You have been called to the Australia, North Pine Mission!

So I survived my last transfer calls and I am staying here in North Pine with Sister Tama! I am excited! Who would have thought that 7 transfers of my mission would be spent in the one area? not me. That is basically one whole year of mission life here in North Pine. The elders joke that they forgot to tell me in my mission call I was actually just called to the North Pine mission. Most of the members forget that I even left and think that I just have been here the whole time. I think they should let me give a farewell talk like I'm leaving to go on a mission from my home ward, I sort of am just in reverse. This next transfer is going to be really busy, we have zone conferences, leadership meetings, region meetings we have to organize with the sisters, zone p-days, trade-offs with the sisters and all sorts of crazy things going on so it's going to fly by I think. That's a bit sad. But throughout all the madness I know we will see plenty of miracles in our area as well. It's starting to get hot here again. Just as soon as summer comes on I'll be leaving to step into a North American winter....that's going to be rough haha Sister Walter and Sister Tobiassen both stayed in our flat as well and that is just so fun! We couldn't believe it when they told us, it is ridiculous that we are staying together again because we get along so well ha we aren't complaining it's awesome. The elders in our ward both stayed as well, which is awesome because they are great too and we are working well together. So over all things are great here. I'm enjoying my last transfer and trying not to think to much about it all ending. Love You all!

Sister Rasmussen

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