Friday, May 15, 2015

Psychology of Social Media Week 3

This week in Social Media class we've been looking at YouTube videos.
It makes a three hour class much more enjoyable when you spend the majority of the class watching funny viral videos.
Also I was wondering what I could write here about what I've taken away from class this week...beside some really funny videos to share. Basically anything by Jimmy Fallon, although I recommend Emma Stone's Lip Sync Battle. SO FUNNY.
I did however take away something more meaningful.
There is a woman from Montana who is the same age as me, who now has a job working for a museum making YouTube Video's about science.
That's basically my dream job! Without all the icky dead animals.
It reminds me of the YouTuber: Physics Girl. Also my dream job! BUT REALLY
We were discussing the fact that Social Media has almost revived the "American Dream". If you are good enough at what you do, willing to work hard at it, have an element of uniqueness, and the timing is right, your dreams most definitely can become reality. This girl from the museum didn't plan on being a YouTuber, it just worked out for her that way because she had the right combination of those factors.
Not that I think I'm going to become a YouTube celebrity, but I've noticed the internet and social media have opened up a lot of doors for me professionally. Recently I've been signing up on a lot of online tutoring sites, also looking at online high schools and other possibilities of becoming an online teacher once I finish my getting my teaching license. I'm also currently working as a TA for the head of the chemistry department. While at work I'm recording video slide lectures for the Chemistry 100 students to watch online before they come to class as a part of their preparation. I record them on adobe presenter and include voice-over videos of myself solving problems on a device similar to a giant iPad. It's an interesting job, which I think is giving me great experience to use technology in a future teaching setting. Technology, especially social media is changing the game for finding jobs, and definitely changing the education profession, so I know I need to adapt to it if I'm going to be truly successful.

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