Thursday, May 21, 2015

Psychology of Social Media Week 4

This week in class we had a guest speaker come in and he talked to us about a lot of things but stated off by giving us an introduction to the "dark web". Before today I had no idea the dark web existed and I had never heard of it. I didn't really understand all the techno speak about it but basically it's an internet place where you link to many other routers along the way to get to what you are looking for. Rather than a direct link from my ISP to the blogger server for example I would connect with countless other routers on the way to get to what I was viewing. It creates a lot more anonymity. The reason it's called the "dark web" is because most of the stuff that goes on in this sphere is illegal and wrong. For example there is a lot of illegal porn there, corporate espionage, ISIS uses it, national security leaks, etc.  What I found interesting is that there is this big internet pot of evil out there. I know everyone always says that Satan uses the internet to get to us, and I do believe that to be true, but today I thought about it in a entirely different light. Apparently he really is out there using the internet to accomplish very evil designs. SCARY! Satan is not to be underestimated people. He is WILY. He has a lot of tricks and he knows us verrrry well. I'm just glad that I know him pretty well also. I know that he is strong but through my Saviour I am stronger, and that I've defeated him before. We have all defeated him before. I also know we will defeat him again. The game is already decided, the score is set, and he's already lost. We just need to make sure we are still on the winning team when the game is all over. I have no fear, because I know who to follow.  It's a great feeling! I don't care if Satan does have a giant network of evil internet shenanigans, that doesn't even scare me!

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