Thursday, April 18, 2013

1st & Last P-Day in the MTC

I don't have that much time to write you, like only twenty minutes left now that I've read all my emails but I will try and let you know what's going on over here.
First of all I love it here. I have learned more in the past week about the gospel than I ever have I fell like. And it is also really hard, I've never struggled in classes the way I have here so that's a new experience. But it's good and I'm learning. I leave here Sunday night, so I'll get to call home then wooo! we leave SLC at 7:50 utah time so I may call before then but we also have a layover in LAX from 9-12ish so I could call then too, just whenever I get a chance. Then we fly from LAX straight to Brisbane!! It's going to be such a long flight....and we are like skipping an enitre day because we leave Sunday night and arrive Tuesday morning because of the time change. It's super trippy. So be ready for a phone call Sunday night!
Ok first of all it has SNOWED three days that I've been here. That's right S-N-O-W it's ridiculous. IT'S MID APRIL GET IT TOGETHER UTAH. THe Lord knew what he was doing sending me to Australia because I hate this cold weather. We are inside most of the time during the day anyways though so we just run from our dorm to our class and to the caf. That's basically all we do here too, just eat, class, eat, class, eat, class, sleep. It was so nice the first day we got gym time, before that we were all just so drained. My companion's name is sister Solomon she's from AZ and she has the same birthday as me! weird right? exccept she's two years wounger than me. I'm such a grandma here! I'm even older than one of our RM teachers.... The other two sisters in my didstrict are also going to BRisbane so  we get to travel together which is fun. We live together too which is awesome. Tessa Carter from BYUH is one of the other sisters and that has been fun for both of us because we know all the same people mostly from school. Her comps name is sister MErril and she is hilarious and we all just have a good time all the time. We are always laughing and just making the best of things here, it's really great. We had two sisters headed to Argetina living with us but they got reassigned because they didn't get their visas and they left this week. We thought we would get new room mates yesterday but we didn't so we have the room to the four of us which is way nice. We have four eleders in our district as well. Two are from Canada and are seriously in denial about their accents. ONe is from TX and he is my age and the other is from OGden. The Canadians and the one from Ogden are all Tim's age. They are hilarious, and sometimes hard to keep focused but I love them and they are trying as hard as they can. All of the elders are headed to Jamaica except one of the Canadians who is coming with us. So our district is stoked to be going to Paradise and everyone else is way jealous of us.
Sunday was the best! the lady that spoke to all the sisters for relief sociaety was Mary Edmunds she was sooooo funny but also taiught a lot. She was just super straight forward. Then the devotional we had that night was super informative and interesting all about the churches media campaigns in NYC and London. It was awesome. Then Tuesday night we got to have a devotional from Richard G Scott! it was so amazing. He taught us all about Prayer and I think it was what everyone needed to hear, at least in my district. He even gave us all an apotolic blessing over the pulpit which I feel like is a very once in a lifetime occurence. The fact that the one devotional I get to go to was an apostle is awesome. I love it here and I can;t wait to get to Australia!

Tell KAriza that that is so great and I wish I could be there! Tell her to hug Katrina for me! Tell the boysand michelle I love them and I'm glad youth conference went really well. Could you email me next time with Grandma and Grandpa's addresses and Marie and MIke's and Tom and Wendy's?? Thanks!


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