Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well, the fun never ends!!!  Scott & I got an early morning call from a pay phone in Provo.  Jacqueline found out last evening that her Visa to Australia is still not ready so she and her companion are being temporarily reassigned to the Lansing, Michigan Mission.  We have no idea how long she will be there.  She leaves on Wednesday, April 24th.  Apparently they know of some sisters going to Perth, Australia that were reassigned to Washington D.C. 12 weeks ago and are still there.  Funny thing is that the Lansing Mission borders Tim's Mission in the North.  It's a little colder then Brisbane but at least it is Spring and she has a good raincoat!!!  She'll be an awesome missionary wherever she goes!


  1. Hi! I'm Sister Ardeth Maligon from the Philippines. I am also going to Australia Brisbane Mission! I'm so excited! Hope to see Sis. Rasmussen there soon! :)

  2. Best of luck, Ardeth!!! Hope you two get to meet and work together! :)