Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Week of Craziness!!

Well Everyone I had so many crazy things happen to me the last week and a half that I don't even know where to begin haha
Maybe I'll begin at the beginning...It actually started off slow because my companion was sick. Our Zone came out to Toowoomba to hang out and go bowling during P-Day and I ended up sitting at our flat all day while she slept...lame but it helped her get back into working condition so we could do work Tuesday and not miss any time. The rest of the week was basically normal for a few days and then on Friday we went back to the wildlife ladies house to help her clean cages and stuff like that. She let me feed her baby wallaby with a bottle like a baby! It was the cutest thing ever. I didn't get any pictures but Sis Alberts did so hopefully I can steal them from her sometime. It's been on and off thunder storms here since Friday and Sunday night my companion and I got caught in one while biking home from the church and I thought we were going to get struck by lightning and die, but we are protected which is good. On Sunday our Sister Training Leaders came out and each of them paired up with one of our companionships to work, which isn't how they normally do tradeoffs, normally one of them and one of us would just trade spots for 24hrs, but they had to do it like that because we live so far out in the middle of no where. It was fun though and we had a crazy experience with her where we went to visit this less active member who lives in a retirement village. We didn't know anything about her except that she doesn't come to church and bishop said it's be good for us to drop around. Well she started off by saying/yelling "I'm a latter-day saint, are you my lot??" haha we said yes so she let us in. She is like 100% deaf and just started telling us her life story immediately starting with how she's dying of a disease that is so rare no one else in Australia has it and she really thought she would die on Friday and was so disappointed to wake up on Saturday. And the conversation just pretty much went from there, and by conversation I mean the three of us nodding and her just rambling crazily on and on. But I gained some great knowledge from her: 1. apparently the second coming will be sometime early next year 2. Apparently God has blue eyes 3. she told us several times that she's just thankful she has a good figure still and we should just pray we still have good figures when we are 88. There was a bunch more but those are the main points I took from the conversation. We were all pretty bummed to find out we wouldn't be able to be home before the second coming hahah jkjk She was a nice lady just lost her marbles a bit is all. It was also hilarious because like as she was talking we were able to talk out of the sides of our mouths without her hearing at all because she was so deaf, and that came in handy when she started telling us the exact same stories over and over. Finally I just told her I was going to say a prayer so that we could leave and I was like yelling a prayer at her so she could hear it. It was so great, just a day in the life of a Toowoomba missionary, heaps of elderly people, but I love them!
Monday I met a man in his 60's that loves surfing and wanted to know where is the history of the Maya and Inca people if the Bible is supposed to be the history of the world...so you better believe I told him all about that! He told us he will read the whole Book of Mormon in about two weeks and we should come back because he'll have heaps of questions. It was so great. That same day it was drizzling and we knocked on a ladies door, so she let us in and while we were teaching her it started pouring, and then after about 15-20min right as we finished teaching her it stopped, such perfect timing!
The last 24 hours have been a bit weird and the next 24 hours will be as well. So we had the temple this morning and we have zone conference for all the southern zones tomorrow, both in Brisbane. So our Zone leaders came up with this brilliant plan (SARCASM ALERT) so that we wouldn't waste too many Kilometers on the cars and gas money and all that. So they decided that we would drive into Ipswitch, which is kind of on the edge of Brisbane headed to Toowoomba, about 1.5 hours from Toowoomba. And they decided we would sleep in the elders flat there and those elders would go sleep in another elders flat and the Elders who are in the other ward in Toowoomba would also stay in some other elders flat. So we had to drive down last night and it was storming so bad. It was the worst storm I've ever driven through in my life. I could see lightning touching the ground all around us as I was driving and could barely see out the windshield even with the wipers turned all the way up. I was so scared, but we prayed before we left so I knew we were protected and I think it was better that we kept moving then stayed put in the middle of no where in the storm. So we finally got to where the elders had told us to go and found out that they gave us the wrong address....I could have killed them. So then they gave us the correct address..spelled wrong (cole rd instead of coal rd)...again I could have killed them...and finally we got to the flat we are staying at for two nights. Which upon further inspection of the map I realized that we were super close to some sisters areas where we could have just gone and stayed with them and avoided the whole sleeping in an elders flat thing, which even if they aren't there still feels weird a gross to me and those poor elders wouldn't have had to have their work disrupted for us to stay there. But obvioulsy the elders hadn't thought of that option. So I'm pretty annoyed with elders at the moment. I have no idea what we will do tonight when P-day is over because we aren't in our area and we haven't got a clue where we are really. So that should be interesting as well. At least we will be back home by tomorrow night after zone conference. So it's just been a great adventure the last few weeks! I hope you all are having adventures too! Thanks for all the emails I love it! Enjoy the cold winter Christmas season because It's getting hotter and hotter here and I just can't get in the Christmas spirit, forget Thanksgiving they don't have that here and there aren't many Americans in my ward to celebrate with. Next P-day I'll be writing to let you know if I'm staying in Toowoomba or not or if I'm staying with sister Tempany or getting a new companion. So lot's of crazy things going on here in the future.
Well love you all and have a great week!!

Sister Rasmussen

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