Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I haven't had the chance to send pictures in a while so I thought I would send some this week. I'm staying here in Toowoomba and so is my companion, so that means we will be here for Christmas! Should be fun and at least it doesn't get super hot here like it does in Brisbane. From my four-way Sister Alberts, the other American, got moved and Sister Tauti is training a new missionary. Sister Tauti started training the same transfer that I did and we have both been training ever since. 6 months of it. Except she's had a different companion each transfer and I've trained both mine for two. Anyways she's pretty burnt out, as am I sometimes, but we hang in there together. And it's the Lord's work, it's meant to stretch us and we know we CAN do it, it's just that we also know how hard it is. But I'm really glad I have her and she is staying because I think I'd go crazy if I didn't. 
Anyways here are some recent pictures, temple trips and what not. 
my district at the temple
Sister Tauti and I
Brisbane skyline from across the river at Kangaroo Point lookout where the temple is

My MTC district reunited again, minus my MTC companion sister Solomon. Eventually we will all reaunite! Even if it's on the plane ride home haha

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