Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!
They just don't celebrate here the way we do. Holidays just aren't as big of a deal here in Australia as they are back home so Valentine's day just snuck up on me without even realizing what day it was. There was nothing in the shops, no decorations, no candy, no cards, and no one was really talking about it until like the day of. So weird. But my companion shouted (Aussie slang for bought us) me and the other sisters KFC haha that's a typical missionary celebration for you. Have I ever mentioned how obsessed they are here with KFC? well actually with chicken in general but especially with KFC. Everyone here loves KFC there is a KFC on every corner. and anyone who knows me knows that is probably my least favorite fast food out of all the fast food places. Which also they just don't have fast food in variety like we have at all. They have McDonald's obviously because it's everywhere, but they call it Mackers (pronounced Mackuhs) and it's like a cool place to go and hang out with your friends here as well, like how we would have starbucks, they go to McDonalds of all places. SO weird. And they have Burger King which for some reason here is actually named Hungry Jacks but it's burger king though. They have KFC EVERYWHERE. and Subway. But that's basically it. They don't have any chain restaurants either like we have all over. The only one I've seen is Sizzler. They just eat at home more I think. or just eat purely "take-away" like KFC. And then they have a few other chicken places that are just here in Australia like Red Rooster. You get chicken flavored salt to go on your french fries, which they call chips. They really love chicken a lot see. So anyways that was how I spent my Valentines day, at KFC and it was absolutely packed with people, as KFC's here always are. But our investigator Josephine works there and she hooked us up with her employee discount which was nice of her. 
Besides all that our week was great. We went and taught a less active man on Saturday and we brought this other man who just recently came to church for the first time in years last week to come be his friend and then we were so surprised and happy to see them both at church again this week! The one guy hasn't been in 8 years! So that was a little miracle we are excited about. Things are progeressing here we are hoping to set a baptismal date with Josephine tonight for sometime soon like in early March so that is exciting! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day. 
Love you all!

Sister Rasmussen

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