Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Temple Day

Today was temple P-day so we got to travel to Brisbane and go to the Temple. I love the temple so much! My companion and I were really looking forward to going to the temple too especially because the last few days have turned out to be extremely hectic and just stressful. Everything that we have been planning has been falling through. A few of our most solid investigators seem to be faltering, and we are trying to do all we can to encourage them to carry on. And especially yesterday when every one of our five appointments fell through and one of them even fell through twice in the same day and then we just decided to start knocking on doors with the remaining time we had and a crazy lady let us in her house and started ranting and raving about being the most intelligent woman on earth and how she is persecuted and how she was "cleaning" her house which was very verrrry not clean at all and telling us all this whilst cleaning her feet in a bucket of dirty water. I just about lost it. And once we finally got out of there after telling her she was a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves her and leaving her a pamphlet (because she is after all even if she's off her rocker) then her upstairs neighbor came out with no clothes on and was extremely intoxicated. After that we went to another appointment which also failed. And we couldn't wait to get to the temple today and then our ride got sick and we had to scramble around everywhere to get another one or else wake up at 3 in the morning again to get the train. I really almost lost it then. But the Lord provided a way and we got a ride and we went to the temple and I feel Oh so much better now. So that's the story of how the Temple can calm a troubled mind. But now we are back in Toowoomba and ready to move forward no matter what the adversary might be throwing at us. 
One cool thing since last week is that we are now teaching a family that lives about an hour farther west into the great Australian outback, in a town called Dalby, that is tiny and has a tiny branch but no missionaries. So we were nominated to go because here in Toowoomba are the closest missionaries to them, and because the family has two daughters, 12 and 14, and I am the only sister who can drive. So we lucked out on that one because this family is awesome! The 14 year old was baptized at 8 but has been less active nearly all her life and doesn't know much, the 12 year old wants to be baptized! The Mom who grew up in the church but fell away in her teens wants to come back to church full force and the boyfriend of the mom is a very interested non member. So we are very excited to be teaching them! We are teaching them every Sunday after church so we get to roadtrip every Sunday as well. And maybe more often as we help the 12 year old get prepared for her baptism.  So that is exciting. Our other investigators are all starting to kind of hit roadblocks at the moment but I'm sure with the help of Heavenly Father and some faith we will make it through. This transfer is already nearly half way over and I'm starting to feel like I'll never leave Toowoomba! But I'm loving it most of the time anyways. It's starting to get cooler and their fall season is coming on. It was 16 Celsius the other morning and I was freezing haha that's like 60 Fahrenheit but you know how I deal with cold. 
Hope everyone is excited for March Madness. 
Ofa Lahi Atu,

Sister Rasmussen

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