Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mission Tour and other Exciting Things

So we had our mission tour with President and Sister Hamula this week. It was really great. He is the Pacific Area President. We had a zone conference type of thing with him and then went to a meeting with all the ward council members of all the wards and stakes in our mission, which was also broadcast throughout the far reaches of the mission on Thursday night. It was a cool meeting. Just to see how everyone can come together with the same goals. It was good to see lot's of missionary friends too, we always like getting together. We have been busy here in Camp Hill as always. Knocking on so many doors everyday and speaking to people at bus stops and on the streets. Recently, actually on Mother's day I think it was, we were talking to people at the big bus station which  is connected to the mall in our area. During that 2 hours we were there talking to people we had a very interesting time: between my companion and I we found 5 people who were interested in the gospel....just one problem not one of them lives in our area! But we got their information and were able to give some other missionaries referrals, which I love doing because referrals are great. Also in that two hours my poor companion had every religion under the sun thrown at her....we got finished and she said she got told off my Muslim, Buddhist, Lutheran, Hindu, and Anglican people. While she was getting converted into other faiths I was busy getting asked out on dates! I had two creeeeeeepy individuals come up and ask me to go out with them. 
One guy introduced himself and stuck out his hand, so I shook it, then he wouldn't let go....
he asked if he could kiss my hand, 
(in my head: WHAT THE?!?!?!) 
out loud: NO. 
then he goes Oh...are you single? 
(in my head: taken by God!! haha) 
out loud: NO.
then he goes Oh...can I have your number too? (I had just given my number on a card to a nice girl on the bus stop next to me) 
(In my head: HECK NO) 
Out loud: Here is a card where you can call this number for a free DVD of Christ, I have to get going now, have a nice day!
Then I ran away. 
After that another guy that I talked to wouldn't let go of my hand after I was just leaving and saying nice to meet you and stuff and he said "would you go out with me?" seriously I don't know what was going on that day it was so weird. I think the weird guys are just attracted to the spirit or something. Anyways things are going pretty well here and I'm still alive. 
Love you all!

Sister Rasmussen

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