Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One More Transfer in Camp Hill

Well we got transfer calls Sunday night and I'm staying in Camp Hill for at least 6 more weeks as well as Sister Semaia. The longer I stay in Brisbane the farther away my dream of going up north goes. haha But that's ok I just want to be where the Lord wants me to be really, and I guess he knows me well enough to keep me away from the ocean :)  I'm actually really stoked to be staying here because our ward is so great and on to it here that I know we will be seeing miracles here soon enough. Heavenly Father won't lead us to those who have been prepared until we are prepared to receive them, but this ward really seems like they are doing all they can to hasten the work and so I'm sure we will find those people here soon. 
It's been really weird this week to be at meetings and things and realize that I'm one of the oldest missionaries there....I feel like I just got here! But then I think back to one year ago and where I was and who I was and I realize that a lot has changed..in a good way. 
This month we are having a mission tour coming up with our Area presidency and other mission presidents and people so in preparation our mission president has been having mission wide conference calls and has been having us do some special things to spiritually prepare for the tour. So we have been studying chapter 5 and 6 from Preach my Gospel the past two weeks. Ch. 5 is about the Book of Mormon and ch. 6 is Christlike Attributes. It's been really good. I've been focusing on studying more this past transfer than I have ever on my mission. Like I study in the morning during breakfast, before studies start, I study at lunch if we are at home, I study at dinner if we are at home, and I study at night before bed. I've been reading Jesus the Christ and the Ensigns. I think being with only one sister in my flat has contributed to that. I get way less distracted haha. Anyways I love studying! Also Elder Ballard challenged every member to start studying Preach my Gospel in his conference talk and my companion and I have been going around and issuing that challenge to our ward members...so consider this as me also extending this to you my family as well. Preach my Gospel is truly inspired, it is the words of Prophets and Apostles and so it is also the word of God. I you want a good place to start might I suggest chapters 1,3,5, or 6. But really the whole thing is good and will bring you closer to God. In the mission we have also been submitting in little "miracles" we experience every day to be recorded in a book. This month is going to be known as Miracle May, and I can't wait to witness the miracles! We have already seen some pretty cool ones. Hope your May is going well too. Happy Cinco de Mayo! We got $5 burritos yesterday at this Mexican place in the mall that is the only yummy Mexican food place I've ever really found in Australia that tastes like home. 
Love you!

Sister Rasmussen

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