Thursday, June 26, 2014

Joyful June is Nearly Over :(

Aloha Family,
So this week has been pretty fun! and you know how time flies when you're having fun.... although I'd say that "fun" when you are a missionary is definitely defined differently. BY "fun" what I mean is that my companion and I have barely had time to think. fun=busy. So anyways you'd think we would be less busy now that our area is smaller and we are splitting it with the elders, but ever since they got here it's like we have had so much to do! and having the other sisters in our flat with us as well has been a bit hectic. We had to rearrange everything in the flat to accommodate for them to have a place to sleep and study as well. So everything has been a giant mess as we've moved everything around and so every spare moment, which isn't often, we've been having to organize, clean, and try and get things in order. We also have the elders ringing us every hour because they are totally lost trying to get around the area and they have no idea where to go. We finally have an assistant ward mission leader, so we are trying to correlate with him, and we have more appointments then we can possibly fit into a day. Which is great. We are sharing our car with the sisters and now we are one day with and one day without the car, so we have the added time constraint of trying to travel around. We are trying to organize for the elders to come with us to meet the investigators we have in their area that we will be passing over to them, and then trying to squeeze in time to go out and find new investigators and people to teach in our area. We also have the biggest region of sisters to look after, 8 companionships spread out from just north of Brisbane all the way up to the very top of the Sunshine coast. So we have to try and contact them throughout the week and make sure they are all doing well, and everyone has been SICK like something is going around. I guess because it's Queensland "winter" at the moment, which really isn't cold at all. So we have to fit in doing a trade-off with all of them in the 6 weeks we have, which now is only 5 because week 1 is finished. We did go on one this weekend, but 7 more to go in the next 5 weeks will be crazy. Then on top of and most important than all of this, we are putting all the faith and prayer and time and energy we have to getting our investigator Shaun to the waters of baptism this weekend. It is crazy because we have literally been watching the powers of God and the power of the adversary fighting over this poor man's soul. At least we know that good will always triumph over evil in the end, but it will take so much faith and so much work. This next week will be intense. I have faith though and I know if it's God's will that Shaun be baptised this weekend it will happen. So that's just a little bit of the things going on here at the moment. The work is rolling forth down under and I'm so grateful, blessed, and excited to be a part of it. Hope all is well back home. I heard the US is doing alright in the world cup :) 
Alofa Atu,

Sister Rasmussen

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