Thursday, June 26, 2014

Transfer 11 in Now Underway

Well another eventful transfer day is now here again. I'm not going anywhere and neither is my companion Sister Moran, and I do know that she will be leaving me for sure after this transfer, she's going on the big transfer home, so that means I'll more than likely be here for another transfer after this. So that's a lot of time spent here in this area at the end of the day. But you know what?  I'm excited because I will really know what it's like to live here and I already love the people and the ward and can't wait to serve here and see miracles. However it wouldn't be a transfer P-day without craziness. So we found out this morning that our ward is getting a companionship of elders to come and serve with us! YAY! Really though I'm excited it's a big area and a lot to handle on our own so it will be good to have the elders and they will be able to engage the men in the ward in missionary work in a way that we really can't. BUT WAIT there's more. We are also getting two sisters moving into our flat who will be splitting the elders ward south of ours into two. So it will be two sisters and two elders in both wards, the same thing president has been doing throughout the mission in all the zones. But I'm just excited to have more sisters in our flat, even though it means shorter showers and less hot water haha I'm even more excited because one of the sisters is Sister Walter!! I love her and am so excited to be in the North Pine flat again with her. We are back to exactly the place we both were in one year ago next month. The Lord surely does direct his work in mysterious ways. We have this big mission goal of 100 baptisms in June so for the next two weeks that is our biggest focus in getting people into the waters of baptism. We have 2 investigators that potentially could be baptised next weekend the last weekend in June, we just need to help them quit smoking for good, and get to church. Smoking is so horrible!! But I have faith that it can be done, it might be harder then moving a mountain in at least one of the cases but it definitely can be done. So that's what is going on in my life at the moment. Also I just can't believe the short amount of time I have left here as a missionary. It is flying by much too fast and getting faster all the time. Anyways Alofa Atu and have a great week!

Sister Rasmussen

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