Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Been too Long!!

well it's been a very long time since last I had a P-day. It's just been a really crazy week. Our P-day was meant to be yesterday actually, because we were meant to go to the temple yesterday and have interviews with our mission president on Monday. Then we got informed that interviews had been re-schedulesd until Thursday and our P-day was changed to Tuesday. However someone hadn't thought that one through properly because the temple isn't even open on Tuesdays so then on Monday morning they changed it to Wednesday, but then later that afternoon they ended up changing it to Friday. Then on  Tuesday night they let us know our interviews would actually be Wednesday afternnon. It's a bit "all over the shop" as they say here in Australia. We just gave up trying to schedule and re-schedule our appointments by the end of all that. We almost couldn't believe it was true when we finally got on the train this morning to go to the temple. But we made it! and as usual it was beautiful and peaceful and amazing and just what I needed.  Now we are emailing from wonderful Brisbane city before we head back to the north side. Interviews were cool, president and sister Henderson came to our flats for this one so that was a new experience for me. They had done that before but I was in Toowoomba then which was too far for them to travel. It was funny Sister Henderson couldn't believe we don't have an oven. haha We were like take a look around, where would they even be able to fit an oven?! not that we have time to cook anyways so it's all good in the end. President interviewd me for about 30sec it feels like and was proabbly more like 5 minutes, which at the end he said alright you're good, you don't need anything and stood up to I guess that's a good sign? haha I love him!
So this week hasn't been the best as far as appointments go, that has a lot to do with things getting re-scheduled and also just I have this firm belief that Satan attacks us and our investigators just before we go to the temple, and he knows when we are weaker, like when it's been a long time since we had a P-day.  But never the less we are doing great and seeing miralces. When we split our ward with the elders and then after Shaun was baptised we realised we didn't have many investigators to work with anymore. At least none that were really solidly progressing or anything. But it didn't take us long at all to start finding people, and not in the usual way. I'm used to having no one and then knocking on heaps of doors until we find a few people here and there, mostly crazies, with a few goldens thrown in there. This time we just keep meeting part member families. I think at the moment we have about 8 young un-married couples and 2 recently married, where one or both of them are a less active member. It's interesting teaching them because most of them are right around my age, but we are just in such different places in life. They are pretty much dealing with the consequences of major transgressions of the law of chastity, which is why they've all got 1 or 2 young kids and other sins as well addictions and what not. They know they want to have a strong family and have a good foundation to build on, but the problem is they started building already before they could even lay the foundation down. So now it's harder because it's like we have to lift the house up to make room for the foundation under there. It's interesting because none of these situations is going to be a quick miracle baptism. In Queensland it takes at least 30 days if not more to be married because of all the paperwork and stuff. (haha there are no drive-thru wedding chapels here! and they call it brisvegas......hahah) anyways it's going to be a long road and a lot of hard labour but I know it will be worth it in the end if we can help just one of these families to start now and see how bright their future can become. So that is what is going on here. In other news because of the mission achieveing our goal of 100 baptisms we get to hae some sort of celebration in the next few weeks! should be fun ;). We also get to have a meeting with all the sisters in our region. It's weird I still don't feel like I should be a leader of any sort because I still feel really new but then I realize that I hit my 15 month mark companion only has two weeks left on her mission so that's making it a bit hard not to freak out about the future and how I'm going to have to join real life again soon, but I'm going to try not to think about it and live it up for the time I have left.
I'll be emailing again on Monday so not sure what I'll even have to say. Happy 4th of July!

Sister Rasmussen

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