Monday, July 28, 2014

This Will Be Short

Apologies, I have no time today because we are having a special P-day to celebrate our miracle 105 baptisms in JUNE WOOO! anyways so no time and also I had to sort out things for BYUH as well...scary. Anyways this week was GREAT! Sunday was just as hectic but not as much of that was negative in fact most of it was positive! We had a pretty incredible miracle this week I don't have time to write it twice sorry I'm going to copy and paste from my letter to my mission president:

We also had a miracle on Friday when a potential investigator we had planned to visit wasn't home and as we turned to leave her house a less active lady who lived on her same street came walking up with three of her small children. We stopped to say hello and she broke down in tears to tell us she was so happy to see us because her husband just recently left them and she knows she needs to come back to church and start building her life back up "the right way" living the gospel. We found a member almost immediately to be a perfect fellowship for her, one that has a big van and can fit her and her five young children in for church and they all came! It was so joyful to see Heavenly Father using us as his instruments and placing us in the right place at the right time. If we were only a few minutes off we would have missed her entirely and who knows when we would have gone to see her again. But Heavenly Father led us right to his daughter who needed him badly. I love this work!

So Sunday was hectic because of the five kids of this lady who came to church! yay! and also we had one of the young couples we are teaching come with their two kids and the girlfriend of another couple we are teaching with one of their kids and also a new investigator named James come on his own! So we were running around making sure everyone got to the right primary class and had a friend and all of that great stuff. This next week is the last week of my lovely companion Sister Moran's mission so it is going to be great! We are going on an adventure to the Gold Coast tomorrow to have dinner with the man that baptised her when she was a little girl and her mother and her joined the church. He doesn't go to church anymore and none of his family, wife or kids, are members. So that will be super exciting and fun! So that is what is happening    love you

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