Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mixed Feelings

I am sad because I dropped off Sister Moran at the mission home yesterday and she flew away on a jet plane today. However I am happy because my new companion is Sister Tama and she is from Tahiti!!!! my people!! We are going to have so much fun and see many many miracles! So for Sister Moran's last week we had a great time working and going on adventures. Our adventure to the gold coast went well, we had a nice dinner with the man that baptised her and his wife and children. It was sad to see that his children just didn't know anything about God, and didn't have that relationship at all in their lives. It went well though and hopefully softened his heart a bit. It took two one hour train trips both way. I love the train so that was great! And that's now the farthest south I've ever been in my whole life haha. Too bad it was at night so I didn't really see much at all. 
We also went to a waffle house place for lunch and it was funny because waffles here are desserts not breakfast foods. So I got a weird look from the lady when I asked for mine without ice cream but with butter on top before the syrup and berries. We had a bunch of people at church again so that was joyful and had a really smashing Saturday which was basically her last full on working day of her mission. So it was a great week and I can't wait to see what the future will hold! It is weird to think this is my second last transfer though...so many missionaries that I love are going home soon! I will just have to travel the world to visit them all after my mission! yay! Love you all!

Sister Rasmussen

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