Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"I Don't Know About You, I'm Feelin 22"

 Baptism of AJ Edwards

WOW I have so much to say and so little time!
First things first, I got transferred from North PIne, so don't send things to that address anymore. I don't know my new address so just send things to the mission PO box.
Ok back to North Pine: Aaron got baptized!! WOOOO It was so great. He invited 4 of his friends to come who weren't members and it was just a beautiful service. He is a man that the Lord truly prepared because we literally didn't have to do anything but teach him. He accepted everything we told him right away, and kept every commitment we gave him and showed up to every appointment. He had already made up in his mind that he wanted to start going to church but just didn't know where to start and then who should he meet but Sister Walter and I walking on the street one night...and the rest is history. He got confirmed on Sunday as well and it was also fast and testimony meeting. Aaron is a really shy person and it took him a long while to open up and talk much with us or pray in front of us, let alone in front of entire congregation but he got up and he bore the most humble simple and most powerful testimony I've heard without anyone asking him to. It was so special. The whole meeting was amazing, and easily one of the best sacrament meetings I've ever attended.
I absolutely love the North PIne ward and I was so sad to be transferred :( the ward members really took such good care of us and have risen up so well in the past few months that I've been there. They have really caught the missionary wave and are creating miracles in the ward.

I may only have 30sec left but  love you all! I'm training again :) pick up the new comp this week

ok sorry.I'm back for emailing round 2
I will send pictures of Aaron's baptism and going around and saying goodbye to everyone I love in NOrth PIne, It was hard :(
And I am now headed to TOOWOOMBA pronounced like it sounds. Apparently it's in the mountains? Australians have a different idea of what mountains are then we do so i will have to judge that for myself. BUt that will be nice because it's getting to be summer now and I hear it is much drier and not as unbearably hot there. Everyone should google it because I can't. I know it's south/inland of the city? Anyways I'm opening a new area, or rather splitting a sisters previous area. So that should be fun! And I'm training. So for the moment I'm staying with some sisters in a place called Beeleigh until I get my golden missionary (we use golden instead of greenie here) So basically I went to transfers expecting to find out where I'd be living and who with and didn't get the answer to either of those questions! YAY FOR SURPRISES! BUt i'm excited for new challenges, I've seen miracles already and I know what the Lord can do and more If I will just humble myself and let him direct me, so I'm expecting to see more of the same in this new place.
We get general conference this next weekend as well which is awesome. I've heard it is great and I am really looking forward to getting heaps of revelation from true prophets of God. So yep things are lookin up and I am excited! Hope everyone's week will go well.
Sister RAsmussen

PS If anyone gets the urge to blast Taylor Swift on Saturday in my behalf I highly encourage them to do so :)

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