Monday, January 13, 2014

Over the Hump

Well I'm officially on the downward slide of my mission now. MY half way mark was last week Friday and it was so great because I was at new missionary orientation pretending to be a new missionary all day! A great way to celebrate my half-way mark. Normally the trainers just drop off their companions and go to work in another trainer's area but my companion was the only sister to come in this transfer so I had to stick with her so she wouldn't be alone. It was awesome. Way different from the new missionary orientation I got when president Langeland was here. We got to go out to eat at a restaurant and stay the night in a hotel and get up in the morning for a run down by the river and the temple. There is actually this run that is super cool because it is so similar to Lehi's dream. The running trail goes right along the river and has got a hand-rail all along one side of it(iron rod!). On the other side of the river(which actually is pretty filthy looking and brown) is the main city district of Brisbane with all the large skyscrapers and offices (great and spacious buildings for sure) and as you go along this trail you get to these really steep stairs that lead up a cliff and if you hold on tight enough to the rod you'll make it up them and as soon as you reach the top you are smacked in the face with the tree of life, or the beautiful Brisbane Temple. It is directly up the cliff and stands tall and white and beautiful. So that was a pretty cool run to go on in the morning and to experience that more physically. Being a "golden"missionary again was a good way to help me regain my focus and drive again. Not that it was badly lost but just to see those new missionaries come in and feel all of their enthusiasm and desire to just come in and learn everything and be as obedient as they can so that they can just be the most successful and best servants of the Lord reminded me of how I felt when I came in and reminded me not to lose that. So I'm starting this second half of my mission off fresh this week and I'm going to pretend like I just got here and have everything still to learn. Which I do anyways. I hope that everyone isn't frozen. Who's playing in the superbowl? I heard an Australian won the ASP world tour. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI! haha
Have a great week! 

Sister RAsmussen

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