Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life in T-Bizzle

Well life in Toowoomba is going well. I love the sisters that I serve with here! We have so much fun together everyday. It is so nice to be in a flat again that has such a nice spirit of unity, love, and fun! They tell me that I am the most Samoan American they know, which I am taking as a compliment. But they are trying to teach me Samoan because they keep forgetting that I'm not Samoan and speaking it to me, until I look at them like huhh?? and then they have to translate. I think I'm learning slowly though. My companion taught me to sing the primary song "love at home"all in Samoan. I think I'm going to come home with more of a kiwi accent then an Aussie one. And I'm starting to think that I will have to save up my monies to go to New Zealand after my mission to visit. Anyways I'm having a blast here and don't ever want to leave which is probably why time has been completely flying by! And knowing the way these things go I'll probably get transferred too. But at least I have a few more weeks here and I can feel that they are going to be great! 
This weekend was great we had a baptism! It doesn't count as a convert baptism because she's one week off from being 9 years old but I am just so happy she was baptized! She's the daughter of this less active family the Lances that I have grown to love so much. They are like my family away from home here in Toowoomba. They have a daughter my age who lives away from home so I think they've just adopted me in a bit as well. But they are the coolest people and we have been teaching them since sometime in November and they've been coming to church every week, the boys Dallin and Brent got ordained as Deacon and Priest. In fact Dallin was going to baptize his little sister Charley but then he went to EFY and decided to do back flips and broke his leg, so he was in the hospital waiting to have surgery during her baptism. You know how crazy stuff like that always happens right before baptisms!? Satan tries so hard but he always fails...good try but the Lance family would not be stopped! Charley asked me to give the talk on the HOly Ghost at her baptism which was really nice and it was a beautiful service. Did I mention that brother Lance in a chef? haha yep so our weekly lessons at their house are always accompanied by delicious food and he used to cook for troops in Afghanistan so he knows how to cook like an American, and he made Pecan pie for the baptism! And no one but me likes it so I took a whole plate home. Crazy Australians. Anyways that was our miracle for the week I was going to send pictures but then I forgot to bring my camera cord with me. I'll send some next week. Anyways life down under is good. Australia day is coming up so that should be fun to celebrate as well. I'm sure it can't beat the 4th of July but we will see haha
Alofa Atu 

Sister Rasmussen

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