Monday, April 7, 2014

Camp Hill is Very Hilly!

Hello everyone!
I don't have a whole lot to say today. This week was much better than last week. We were much more organized and set up in the area so we were able to really just get to work and work and work this week. My area is super full of hills, and we live in the very top of a tall building with no elevator as well. My calves are going to be huge when I get home....Oh well! We have been figuring out the bus/train system around our area. It feels really weird to be traveling around by bus and train again because we didn't have any of that in Toowoomba. It is really nice though a major bus line runs from our place (which isn't in our area) to the train line which basically runs across the whole north end of our ward, and it also runs us up to a major bus line that goes right through the south half, which is my area. So it's been good we are blessed And even though it's hilly we haven't had to bike much because of the buses and trains. We still don't really have anyone to teach beside all the families that the ward wants us visiting, but we are always finding and talking to everyone we meet. I'm sure that Heavenly Father will lead us to those people who are ready here shortly as long as we continue to work as hard as we can. Anyways hopefully you all have a great week and you enjoyed General Conference. We get it this next weekend which should be great. I'm really looking forward to it. Another chance to receive heaps of revelation and have our testimonies strengthened by our living special witnesses of Jesus Christ. It's pretty great. 
Love you!

Sister Rasmussen

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