Friday, August 22, 2014

Ascension August

Well family this has been a pretty eventful week. First off it is just so much fun at transfer time when you get to bring your new companion around to meet everyone you love and you get to plan and prepare for the transfer and set inspired goals to accomplish great things. Sister Tama is the best I just love her, so many new and great ideas have come into our flat and area and companionship. The beauty of a restart! 
This weekend was a weekend of facing FEARS! Everyone knows how I feel about hospitals....So Wednesday night the great Sister Tobiassen told us she thought she must have eaten something off because she had a  sore stomach. She didn't get much sleep that night and the next day she was curled up in a ball all day long with stomach pains, waiting for it to pass, the next night was even worse so by Friday morning she said enough is enough I need to see a doctor. The mission doctor was all booked up for the day so we ended up having to take her to the closest hospital emergency room. Well at first she was in there with Sister Tama while Sister Walter and I went to our first district meeting with our new District leader and his companion, then we went to meet them, and They said I had to go in and sit with her because neither Sister Tama or Sister Walter felt like they could understand anything that was going on because they don't have very much doctory English vocabulary. So next minute I spent allll dayyy lonnnng in the hospital with poor Sister Tobiassen. The emergency room is a horror house, straight up. There are screaming and moaning people everywhere. I saw people with bandages all over their heads like mummies and I saw people with blood all over there faces, people are wheezing and hacking up things left and right, crying screaming children are all over the place, all the crazy machines keep going off all the time. It was so SCARY! And so through all of this I am trying to help Sister Tobiassen get her mind off of all the pain she is in while the nurses run all these tests and scans on her. She ended up having appendicitis. So they admitted her into a ward upstairs and we spent the rest of the day there while they decided what kind of surgery she needed to get her appendix out and then President and Sister Henderson came along and talked with the doctors as well. So she had surgery that night and was in the hospital all day and night Saturday so we went over there again Saturday to be with her after Sister Henderson had to go and then she left the hospital and went to the mission home yesterday. So that was the gist of my weekend. Lots of time spent in hospitals, but hopefully I won't have to go into another hospital again for a very long time.
We are excited this month of August we are hoping to have a repeat of what happened in June so we are aiming for over 100 convert baptisms again. I know it can happen according to our faith. Sister Tama and I have a goal of having a baptism in August as well to contribute but we don't exactly know who yet, we know Heavenly father is preparing someone for us. It is so fun living with a Tahitian again! I am loving life and I hope this will continue and carry me out until October! 
Much love and aloha,

Sister Rasmussen

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