Friday, August 22, 2014


Well this past week was great! My companion and I are just so busy! It is really so crazy how time flies when you are busy. We have honestly just stepped up our game in every area of missionary work and the miracles have been abundant as a result and time is also just speeding up. I've been a missionary for 16 months now. It's so crazy! I'm so so happy for my new companion, she is definitely not encouraging me to slow down at all as I reach the end here. Not that I'd be one to do that anyways, but she isn't even letting me cruise at the same speed I've been going we are just accelerating! It's so good though. We are especially trying to step up our game being the best STLs we can for the sisters in our region. It's been great to see as we sacrifice so much of our time, energy, and heart to bless the sisters that the Lord really makes up the difference and moves the work forward in our own area, almost without us even trying. We had a goal within our region to set baptismal dates and we were able to set two within our own area! It's pretty amazing. Both of them are with older divorced gentlemen. One of them that we just found my tracting into him and the other one met one of the YSA girls in our ward at the gym and she just casually invited him to come to church and gave him the address and he showed up last week for church, we met with him and set a date on our first visit, he came to church again, and we are meeting with him a couple times this week too. The Lord truly will place people in your path! So for those of you who think to yourself: "I don't know any non-members" try the random stranger at the gym, you never know who the Lord has prepared around you. So that is very exciting. We also are just working really hard to get all the young unmarried couples we are teaching to progress, but we are definitely seeing it happen little by little. We get to go to the temple next week Wednesday which I am looking forward to. And today we are going to play sand volleyball today at this sporting complex. Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer, it's starting to warm up a bit here which is nice except that really means summer is almost here and that means my mission is ending soon....mixed feeling there. Love you all,

Sister Rasmussen

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