Monday, August 25, 2014

"How Great Shall Be Your Joy"

 Baptism of James!!
 Sis. Fesolai at the Temple

 Yogurtland after a very busy day!!

Well I am just so happy! I had probably the best weekend of my entire life this weekend and I'm so excited to tell you all about it. 
It started off with a really hectic week actually, not bad hectic just really crazy. Wednesday after emailing we hung out in Brisbane city with the sisters and ate yummy food at the market, did some window shopping and travelled home. We had a tradeoff with our Sunshine coast sisters so I had to wave goodbye to my companion as she took off for Kawana and I stayed with one of the great sisters in North Pine. We then had an epic road trip Thursday night I drove up to Kawana, switched back, collected my companion and we carried on up to Maryborough. We spent the day there Friday and then drove 3 hours home that night. It was pouring rain all weekend! While in Maryborough the sister I was with and I got super lost wandering around in the rain. I forgot to pack my rain coat and we couldn't figure out where we were going. We ended up in the centre of town which was good because in front of all the shops there are awnings which kept us out of the rain, even though I was already soaked and it was super cold and windy. We stayed there in the centre of town talking to people the whole day long because of the rain all the other appointments we had called to cancel. I saw inside a shop an add for $10 ladies coats. They were kind of hideous but I bought one anyways so that was good. Then my feet were absolutely soaked through and my shoes were so wet I was getting blisters and I couldn't keep up with the people walking long enough for them to stop and talk to me, but I didn't let that stop the work of the Lord! So I went over to a bench, took my shoes off, hid them under it, and proceeded to walk barefoot around the streets of Maryborough talking to everyone I met about the gospel of Jesus Christ wearing a massive old lady coat. It was not my classiest moment as a missionary but it had to be done. I was glad to get in the car and return to North Pine after that day haha
Then Saturday came!! Sister Tama and I took the train/bus into the temple in the morning so that I could meet up with the Cass family from Dalby and also with Sister Fesolai so that we could do baptisms for the dead together. A few other branch members from Dalby were there as well, and one family from Toowoomba ward so it was happy reunions all around. I got to catch up with Sister Fesolai and also with the family and hear all about their wedding and when Chris was baptised in June. It made me so happy! They had done their family history research and were prepared with like 30 family names to bring to the temple. The girls were so excited and the spirit was so strong. Sister Fesolai said something about the family all looking different then before (new haircuts and stuff) and Sister Cass told us no it's because they are happier then they were before, because they have the priesthood in their home now :) It was just such a joyful thing sitting with all four of them in the house of the Lord serving others and giving them the opportunity to partake in the ordinances of salvation. I've never really been able to see the ripple affect of one baptism like I did in the temple on Saturday. Because Sister Cass decided to come back to church, we taught Nya and Chris, who got baptised, and then 30 other souls on the other side of the veil also received that ordinance. It was beautiful, and that's just the beginning for that family. They are truly amazing. After the baptisms we had to travel back home so that we could get things ready for the baptism of James that night! The whole service went so nicely and he was just beaming as he got out of the water and embraced the ward member that baptised him I could just see how full of joy he was. He then received the gift of the Holy Ghost at church yesterday and it came full circle. We are seeing miracles here!! We have another baptism on this Saturday and the elders have one as well, so it will be a double for the ward. It's so exciting! 3 baptisms just this month is pretty great. I really feel like I'm beginning to understand the scripture that says "how great shall be your joy" bringing many souls unto Christ. I don't even want to think about going home! And I asked president to keep me in this area for my last transfer, but obviously in the end I'll go where the Lord wants me to go. Hope everyone has a great week as well and good first week back at school. 
Much Love,

Sister Rasmussen

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