Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome to Camp Hill, Sis. Rasmussen!!

Well it finally happened and I've been transferred away from Toowoomba. I will miss that place so much, but Heavenly Father knows how to direct his work and he has sent me here to Camp HIll. I couldn't have left Toowoomba on a more positive note than I did. We had 7 investigators at church last weekend, we had a baptism in Dalby with a family that I absolutely love, we went on splits twice in one week with the ward, and had more lessons than we have had probably in the whole 6 months that I was there. There is so much potential in that area now. I feel very blessed to have been able to serve there and I am happy that I did put my all into building up that area into what it now is because it was pretty dead when I got there and now they have so many wonderful people to work with. By the end my companion and I were able to accomplish pretty much every goal we had set for the area and I know it was made possible just because we worked really hard. So as usual I come in to build an area up as best as I can and then I get transferred to a new area as soon as it gets going, so I can build the new place up haha. I may not see much fruit myself by working that way but I feel really good about it all the same.
I was a bit confused at transfer meeting but I think I've sorted out what is happening. I'm moving to an area where they are taking two sisters and two elders and switching us over so that there will be a set of elders and a set of sisters in each of these two neighboring wards. So my companion has already been living in the flat that I'm moving into, and she was expecting to pick me up at the meeting and introduce me to everyone she has been teaching in Holland Park ward but next minute we found out at transfer meeting about the switcheroo and now we know that we are basically opening a new area in the neighboring ward, and two elders are taking over her old area. I think she is a bit sad about that but as for me I am stoked to be starting a new area off from scratch.  That's all I've done my whole mission is open new areas so I don't really know any different. One thing that is weird is that I am in the heart of Brisbane now.  It's like a big city here! so different than Toowoomba. Way faster paced, way more humid! and smaller areas with trains and buses and all of that kind of stuff. It will be a whole new adventure. I can't wait! My new companion is Sister Semaia, from Samoa, so all the Samoan I learned off my wonderful sisters in Toowoomba will come in good handy. She's been out maybe 6 or 7 months now I think. Sister Fesolai got sister Hwang from Korea to take my place in Toowoomba which will be so fun for them. She is cool and goes home with me so I am glad for them there. I know they will see miracles, and I will too here in my new home. Oh and my new flat is sooooo nice. It's like brand new and compared to the flat in Toowoomba it's like a palace. I'll hopefully know a bit more about everything that's going on next week, but just remember Heavenly Father is in charge.  He will direct our paths for good if we allow him to, and I can't wait to see the good that comes of this. I'll send some pictures home from the baptism!
Alofa Atu,

Sister Rasmussen 

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