Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zone Conference and lots of Driving!!

Well this week was a really good week. It felt like we had a lot going on. We had zone conference on Wednesday which was in Raceview (2 hours away) and then we had the sister training leaders come up to go on trade offs with us and the other sisters  for two days. It's always fun when they come because then we are cramming 6 people into our little flat instead of just four. Besides that we have been driving a lot, like to zone conference and out to Dalby and down into the far reaches of our area where we have a part member family who lives on a property with horses and things (I think I've sent home pictures before). Anyways I'm getting to be professional at driving on the other side of the road and the car and I think when I get home I'll be utterly confused for a while. But we are seeing miracles occur in the lives of our investigators as they keep the commitments we leave with them to do the small and simple things. I love teaching! I just love taking something complex like the gospel and breaking it down to it's beautiful simplicities. One thing I love teaching people is that our spirit is like our bodies and that it needs nourishment and food and water just like our bodies do. If we starve our spirits for too long they will die just like our bodies will. And if we have an emergency and our bodies are dying we give them CPR, and that is what we can give our spirits as well when they are dying, only it stands for church, pray, read. We have been helping our investigators understand that this week and those that take that challenge and start that process have been like a starving person who gets into a buffet. Truly "feasting" on the words of Christ. And you can just see their spirits fill up with the word and then hunger for even more. It's pretty amazing. I really know that as we do those 3 simple things they will make more of a difference in our lives than anything else. Also in this day and age we have all that feast right at our fingertips. If you haven't got the gospel library app on your phone or tablet you should go get it because it is awesome. The videos and messages on there are truly inspired and there is one for any topic. Those short mormon messages really bring the spirit and so if you're planning a lesson for anything in church definitely go check those out. 
Anyways someone let me know how march madness is going. 
Ofa Lahi Atu,

Sister Rasmussen

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